Thank You, Neil Anderson: A Passionate IT Trainer

Thank You, Neil Anderson: A Passionate IT Trainer

Neil Anderson is like Baby Yoda of IT training - he may be small, but he packs a powerful punch! As one of the creators of the CCNA course on, he's a Jedi master at training aspiring IT professionals to become the best in the galaxy.

Neil's passion for IT training and mentoring is evident in everything he does. He has provided quality technical training since 2007, helping professionals design and implement some of the largest cloud and data center deployments in the Asia Pacific region and worldwide. Neil is also known for his 'Top Responder' tag online, demonstrating his dedication to providing ongoing support to his students.

Neil's story inspires anyone who thinks it's too late to build a successful career. First, he challenged the traditional schooling framework as it only did little to create a vision of what he wanted for the future. Then, after getting a little older and wiser, he realized he had to build a career for himself. Through hard work and dedication, Neil rocketed up the IT career ladder by learning online. He is passionate about helping others achieve the same success in their careers through quality training and ongoing support.

We want to thank Neil for all his great work - he's like Han Solo, always ready to jump into action and help his students. His dedication and expertise have made a significant impact on the lives and careers of countless individuals. We're lucky to have someone as skilled as Boba Fett in the IT training industry!

We're also excited to announce that Neil Anderson and are launching a new CCNP course. This advanced course is designed for network engineers who want to take their skills to the next level. The CCNP course will surely be a great addition to their existing collaboration on's CCNA course, which is already more popular than the Millennium Falcon!

In conclusion, we want to thank Neil Anderson for his dedication to providing quality IT training and mentoring and his continued commitment to helping individuals achieve their career goals. If you want to learn more about's CCNA or CCNP courses, please visit their website for more information.