Unleashing the Secrets of Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam’s Company Information Section

Unleashing the Secrets of Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam’s Company Information Section

The Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam is a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge of Salesforce, one of the most powerful and popular cloud-based CRM tools in the world. It has coveted credentials that offer a great opportunity for career growth in the Salesforce ecosystem. To acquire these significant credentials, you need to ace the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and covers several topics related to the Salesforce platform.

To prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, you must be familiar with the Company Information section of the platform. The functioning of a business entity relies on the critical information contained in this section. This post will explore the various aspects covered in this section.

Company Information

The Company Information section contains information about the organization using Salesforce. It includes information about business hours, fiscal year, and currency management. Let's delve into each critical area covered in this section:

Fiscal Year

An organization uses the fiscal year, a 12-month period, to prepare financial statements. The fiscal year start and end dates can be set in the Company Information section of Salesforce. Throughout the platform, dates are bucketed into fiscal quarters according to the specified fiscal year. Accurate setup of the fiscal year prevents data from being inaccurately grouped, and impacts forecast and pipeline reports. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure proper setup of the fiscal year in Salesforce.

Business Hours

The business hours define the operating hours of an organization. It establishes when to start and end business operations, and when support is available to customers. Business hours can be customized and set in the Company Information section. With this feature, businesses can easily accommodate schedule changes during holidays, events, or emergency situations. In addition, it ensures that customer support staff is available when it’s most needed. Proper setup of business hours also ensures efficiency in the escalation and reporting of support issues.

Currency Management

The currency management feature in Salesforce allows businesses operating in multiple currencies to track currency related data such as opportunities, leads, sales, and forecasts in various currencies automatically.

When businesses work across different countries, their transactions typically occur in multiple currencies. Salesforce’s currency management feature helps organizations manage the complexity that comes with such cross-border transactions. This feature supports automated currency conversions within the Salesforce platform, which saves businesses time and eliminates manual errors.

Default Settings

In the Companies Information section, you can also set default values for opportunities, leads, accounts, and contacts. You can also set the default level of access for all users' records. This section provides the ability to set up the company’s contact information, address, and phone numbers. The default settings ensure that everyone consistently records data in the same way, which creates a reliable database.


Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam is a significant milestone for any professional planning to scale up their career in the Salesforce ecosystem. To pass the exam, understanding the Company Information section is crucial. The exam tests your knowledge and expertise in a range of topics related to Salesforce. Make sure to practice and prepare to ace the exam with confidence, and with the knowledge that you have learned through this post about the Company Information section.

Good luck with your exam preparation and certification journey!