Plumbing the Depths of Core Azure Services: A Look into the Heart of AZ-900 Exam

Plumbing the Depths of Core Azure Services: A Look into the Heart of AZ-900 Exam

Folks, we're diving right in! An eye-opening journey awaits us as we wade through the heart of Microsoft Azure's core services. By God's grace, we'll come out on the other side having a deeper understanding of this popular cloud computing service. So buckle up, sit tight, and tune in as we tackle this challenging yet rewarding topic.

Microsoft Azure: A Not-so-Brief Overview

First, allow me to pop the bubble of misconception that Azure is all about storage. Uh-uh, my friend, it's a whole different ball game. It’s like thinking of the internet as a large filing cabinet. Azure is not just storage; it's about compute, database, AI, machine learning, analytics, networking, developer tools, and much, much more. It's essentially an extensive buffet spread of services tailored to meet every possible computing need. So if you've been viewing Azure through a narrow lens, it's time to widen your perspective.

Azure’s charm fundamentally lies in its power to provide value for your money. Don't fret if you’re just a fledgling business with a modest budget, embarking on your cloud computing adventure. No matter the nature or size of your business, Azure's flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model bends to fit your needs, much like a skilled gymnast. You only cough up the dough for what you consume, not a penny more. Sweet deal, isn't it?

Core Azure Services: The Meat and Potatoes of Azure

Now that we’ve set the stage, let's shimmy our way into the main event: The Core Azure Services. This is the meat and potatoes of Azure. Essentially, these services are the bread and butter of the AZ-900 exam and comprise several key components. You've got your Compute services, Networking services, Data Storage services, and Security & Management services. Let's talk turkey about each one.


In the realm of Azure, Compute services comprise of Virtual Machines, App Services, Functions, and more. Virtual Machines facilitate the deployment and management of virtualized software. App Services, on the other hand, enable the building and hosting of web applications in various programming languages without necessitating infrastructure management. Function is a serverless compute service that works on an event-driven model, swiftly responding to triggers.

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Moving onto the Networking services, a 2020 survey by Flexera illuminated the fact that 93% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy, underscoring the critical role of networking in cloud computing. To cater to this, Azure provides a litany of networking services. These include Azure Virtual Network that allows for the creation of isolated networks and subnets, VPN Gateway for secure cross-premises connectivity, and Content Delivery Network for delivering high-bandwidth content to users, among others.


Chewing on the Data Storage services, Azure's buffet spread includes the likes of Blob Storage for storing unstructured data, Azure Files for managing file shares in the cloud and Disk Storage for persistent, durable disk storage for Azure VMs. To put this into perspective, according to a recent study by IDC, the overall disk storage systems market revenue was up by 2.8% to $27.8 billion in Q3 2020. The data explosion is real, folks!

Essential for maintaining security and optimizing performance, Azure Security Center, Azure Advisor, and Azure Monitor round off Azure's Security & Management services. After all, we don't consider security an event, but a process. People often say, if you believe technology can fix your security issues, you don't truly grasp the depth of the issues or the technology itself.

Conclusion: The Azure Essence

In conclusion, understanding Azure's core services is a lot like diving for pearls. The process will require you to invest time, exercise patience, and enthusiastically rummage through heaps of information. But, as you dive deep and seize the fine details, you attain an unmatched wealth of knowledge. And needless to say, Azure's core services are the priceless pearls at the bottom of the Microsoft Azure ocean. So hold your breath, dive in, and embrace this adventurous learning journey. In Azure, as in life, the only impossible journey is the one you never begin. Happy studying!