How should I study for the CCNA ?

The best way to pass the CCNA exam can be different depending circumstances. One person's best path to exam success may not yield the same result for another. That being said, we can look at three different generalized paths. You can choose the one you think best fits your circumstance and get started on the correct path for exam success. Please note that none of these options are better than the other, it really just depends on the individual preparing for the exam.

Cisco Academy

In an academy students will spend upwards of a year with an instructor going over, in detail, real world problems. This will provide you with great fundamental knowledge that can be later leveraged once you have been hired. However, academies can’t confidently let you take your exam until close to the courses end. This can be a big hindrance for anyone looking to start at an entry level job in short order. Please note that an academy is also very expensive.

LMS(learning management system)

An LMS is a software platform that is designed, in someway, to help you pass an exam. This path is great if you are not able to spend the extra cash on an academy. A competent LMS can get you prepared for the CCNA in as little as 2-3 months. For those of you who are in an academy, adding the use of an LMS can be a great compliment to your overall game plan.

Book and brain dump

If you already have a solid background in computer networking and you are a quick learner, then this might be a great path for you. With this path, I want to stress the need to have a solid background in networking! If you are a quick learner that does not have a good background in computer networking, potential employers will know if you just crammed for the exam. If you do have the proper experience then I recommend reading the Wendell Odom books.